Principles of Web Design

Fifth Edition

Assignment Rules:

1. Chapter Readings and Review Questions are to be completed outside of class, individually (homework).

2. Hands On Projects (HOP's) may be done in or out of class, you may collaborate with a classmate, but everyone is responsible for their own work and must submit their own fully completed assignment.

3. Team Case Projects (TCP's) must be done with your partner, each member contributing equally to the TCP and should be done in class.

4. Chapter Tests must be done individually and should be completed after all other chapter work is completed.




Assignments and Tests


HTML and the Modern Web

Chapter 1

Hands on Projects 2, 3, 4, 5
Chapter Test 1


Web Site Design Principles

Chapter 2

Class Chapter Review
Hands on Projects 1-7
Ch 1 Test Retake
Chapter Test 2

  Site Planning Chapter 3 Class Chapter Review
Hands on Projects 1-9
Complete HOPs (if needed)
Team Case Project
Ch 2 Test Retake
Team Case Project
Chapter Test 3

Cascading Style Sheets

Chapter 4


  Web Typography Chapter 5

Box Properties

Chapter 6


Page Layouts


Chapter 7


Graphics and Color


Chapter 8  
4-25 Site Navigation Chapter 9  
5-2 Data Tables

Chapter 10

5-5 Web Forms Chapter 11  

Team Case Project

  Project Specifications

Appendix A: HTML 5 Reference
Appendix B: CSS Reference
Appendix C: CSS Media Queries
Appendix D: Print Style Sheets